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Anthony Colangelo

I’m Anthony Colangelo.

I build websites and applications, write, podcast, speak, and take photos.

The Alabama Launch Alliance

Main Engine Cut Off

This is the true coming-of-age moment for ULA. Fight for independence and a surely-more-exciting future, or take the “safe” government job like your parents think you should. Look, they already got you in the door because of their friends that work there. You’re practically a shoo-in.

Planet Explorer Beta

Main Engine Cut Off

Explorer is something that seems so simple and obvious in hindsight, but only became possible once a few things came together in the right way: the rise of small satellites, the increase of launch availability, and easy distribution on the web, to name a few.

T+42: Blue Origin Introduces New Glenn

Main Engine Cut Off

This week, Blue Origin shed some more light on New Glenn—by way of an animation, launch agreements, and a talk by Jeff Bezos at Satellite 2017—and the first fully-assembled BE-4 shipped to their test site in Texas for a hot firing. I discuss the new details we learned and how New Glenn will fit into the industry in the 2020s.