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Anthony Colangelo

I’m Anthony Colangelo.

I build websites and applications, write, podcast, speak, and take photos.

LC-39A and SLC-40 Operating in Parallel

Main Engine Cut Off

This info from Koenigsmann means one of two things: they can complete the work while continuing to fly missions from 39A, or they plan to push the work to the end of the year to give themselves some time with two east coast pads operational.

Thanks to May Patrons

Main Engine Cut Off

Thanks to my patrons for the month of May. If you’re getting some value out of what I do here and want to send a little value back to help support Main Engine Cut Off, head over to Patreon and donate as little as $1 a month—every little bit helps.

Final Design

Flight Control Final Design

After months of learning and experimenting with circuitry, software, 3D design, and printing, I’ve completed the final layout and design of my Kerbal Space Program controller.

Flight Control

T+48: Rand Simberg

Main Engine Cut Off

Rand Simberg joins me to talk about his recent trip to the Space Tech Expo, the dawning of the age of in-space manufacturing, the future of SLS and Orion, the National Space Council, and a lot more.

Thoughts on XS-1

Main Engine Cut Off

Overall, I’m quite disappointed at the missed opportunity XS-1 presented to widen the industry. It’ll take a lot to convince me that a Boeing project of this sort will ever be affordable. Boeing doesn’t have the best reputation for cost-efficiency when it comes to launch vehicles—Delta IV and SLS being the two most recent examples—and their last small launch DARPA project didn’t end well.