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SpaceX Signs Five-Year Lease at Port Canaveral

Main Engine Cut Off

We first heard about SpaceX taking over the old SpaceHab buildings back in August, so I guess the building will suit their needs. SpaceX will be building out quite a bit of real estate on the Cape, as documented in their recent LZ-1 expansion plans.

BE-4 Hydrostatic Bearings

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Jeff Bezos’ most recent email update on Blue Origin was all about the BE-4 and its hydrostatic bearings. Interestingly, George Sowers, VP of Advanced Concepts & Technologies at ULA, commented on their use of hydrostatic bearings on Twitter.

Optimus Prime

Main Engine Cut Off

We started seeing some great photos of SpaceX’s new piece of infrastructure on the ASDS: Optimus Prime. Scott Murray also posted some over-exposed-but-lovely shots of Optimus Prime on the ASDS, complete with shots of its garage.