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Anthony Colangelo

I’m Anthony Colangelo.

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The Hodgepodge Vision for Space Exploration

Main Engine Cut Off

Read the entire article by Foust, and you’ll likely be struck with the same feelings I have: appreciation that NASA has to figure out how to make an exploration program out of what fits in the budget, and the utter disbelief that a piecemeal effort as disjointed and dysfunctional as this is something anyone can believe in.

Midterms and Space

Main Engine Cut Off

Jeff Foust wrote a great rundown of the space implications of the midterms that’s worth reading this morning, and I’ve got a few thoughts, as well.

Thanks to October Patrons

Main Engine Cut Off

Very special thanks to the 224 of you out there supporting Main Engine Cut Off on Patreon for the month of October. Your support keeps this blog and podcast going, and most importantly, it keeps it independent.

Linkspace’s Forced Perspective

Main Engine Cut Off

Linkspace is interesting to follow along with, and I’m excited to see how they do with their bigger hardware. But check out the photo in the article—they consistently use forced perspective like this to make their hardware look enormous.