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First Vulcan Flight Hardware

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From what I’ve heard, Vulcan is making really good progress, and is one of the odds-on favorites for selection for NSSL Phase 2. That said, we’re still waiting for BE-4 to get to full power.

NASA’s SLS Pushback Continues

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Within the span of 3 days, NASA has officially, publicly stated that they want all previously-SLS-only flights flown on commercial vehicles. This is a massive shift, and as I said yesterday, one that will probably be rejected by Congress.

NASA 2020 Budget Request

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In the current era, White House budget requests often don’t matter much in the outcome of NASA’s budget, but they do speak volumes about the administration’s intentions.

Audacy signs MOU with ICEYE

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I’m not big on MOUs, but Audacy is one of the most exciting up-and-comers in space today, so it’s worth noting when they sign something with a potential customer.