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The Firefly Saga

Main Engine Cut Off

Doug Messier has a hell of a read over on Parabolic Arc about the Firefly saga over the last three years. We’ve heard bits and pieces of this before, but there’s a ton in here about investors, some Vulcan (Stratolaunch) involvement I had not heard previously, and a bunch of accusations in both directions.

Podcasting Setup, 2019 Edition


I’ve been podcasting for a few years now. I’m 143 episodes into Main Engine Cut Off, 25 episodes into Off-Nominal with my friend Jake Robins, and had some past shows that were much too short-lived. Occasionally I’ll have people ask about my setup, so I figured I should probably post it somewhere for posterity.

Thanks to November Patrons

Main Engine Cut Off

Very special thanks to the 350 of you out there supporting Main Engine Cut Off on Patreon for the month of November. MECO is entirely listener- and reader-supported, so your support keeps this blog and podcast going, growing, and improving, and most importantly, it keeps it independent.

Nanoracks to Fly Outpost Demo on Falcon 9

Main Engine Cut Off

When I was at IAC, I heard that this would be flying on the back of Centaur. That made sense, as ULA was a partner in Nanoracks’ Outpost program. But after this announcement, I went looking, and ULA hasn’t appeared in anything related to Outposts in months.