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Thank You to November Supporters!

Main Engine Cut Off

Very special thanks to the 470 of you out there supporting Main Engine Cut Off for the month of November. MECO is entirely listener- and reader-supported, so your support keeps this blog and podcast going, growing, and improving, and most importantly, it keeps it independent.

Falcon 9 Fleet Leader Now at 7 Flights

Main Engine Cut Off

A funny note I brought up in the most recent Off-Nominal episode with Eric Berger: this first stage booster specifically has launched 252 satellites to orbit, which is more than any single company except SpaceX has operating in orbit.

Rocket Lab Recovers First Splashed-Down Electron

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After a fantastic launch and deployment of 30 payloads, Electron’s first stage made it back through the atmosphere and successfully splashed down about 400 kilometers downrange. Peter Beck tweeted an image of the stage as they arrived with the recovery ship. Hell fucking yeah, Rocket Lab.

Orbit Fab’s First Fuel Depot to Launch in 2021, Which Just Sounds Like Marketing Until You Realize That Marketing is Really Important

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It’s easy to shrug off the marketing of this as their “first operational fuel depot” because they’re flying with a good bit of funding as a pathfinder mission for their hardware. But for something like a refueling interface that requires adoption by at least a good number of customers for Orbit Fab to find success, marketing is really important.

ExoMars Still Having Parachute Issues

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ESA posted an update after another round of testing the parachutes for the Rosalind Franklin ExoMars rover, due to launch in 2022, and the results aren’t good: four tears in the first main chute and one in the second main chute.