I’m Anthony Colangelo.

I live in Philadelphia, and I make a bunch of things that you might find interesting.

I build things.

I’m a bit of a generalist, so you can find me writing front- and back-end code on the web, or, more regularly, building apps within the Apple ecosystem, like my newest app, Downlink.

Occasionally, I even futz around with microcontrollers and my 3D printer.

Since 2015, I’ve been part of the small but mighty team at Big Cartel, where I work on Big Cartel for iOS.

Before that, I spent 3 years at Happy Cog, where I built websites and applications for clients small and large, with just about every language, platform, and framework you can name.

Nights and weekends, I work on my own projects (and with a few clients) at Dot First.

If you’ve got something that we can work on together, send me an email and say hello.

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I podcast.

I talk incessantly about spaceflight, engineering, exploration, policy, strategy, and more over at Main Engine Cut Off, and once a month, I do the same with my friend Jake Robins (with beers in hand) over at Off-Nominal. Sometimes we even talk to people like the head of NASA!

In another life, I talked with my friend Olivier Lacan a few times on The Multilogue.

One day, I will convince my friends Aura Seltzer and Patrick Marsceill to resurrect a true masterpiece, where we overanalyzed the overlooked: Quirks & Compulsions.

It was gone much too soon.

Curious about my setup? Read this.

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I write.

I write about the space industry frequently at Main Engine Cut Off.

From 2013–2015, I wrote somewhat regularly for A List Apart, and during my time at Happy Cog, I wrote a handful of posts over on Cognition.

Every so often, I write about life, technology, or whatever else is on my mind right here on this very website.

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I speak.

It’s been a little while, but I speak at conferences and meetups about technology, software development, and occasionally other topics.

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I take photos.

I take photos of places I travel and whatever else comes my way in life.

  • Five Moons
  • Twisted Land
  • Skyline of Brotherly Love
  • Amalfi
  • Monterosso al Mare

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The Megafeed™

If the collections above weren’t quite enough for you, check out the megafeed of everything I’ve been up to lately.

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