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Anthony Colangelo

I’m Anthony Colangelo.

I build websites and applications, write, podcast, speak, and take photos.

T+94: #dearMoon

Main Engine Cut Off

Some thoughts on the #dearMoon project, SpaceX’s announcement, and the essence of SpaceX’s strategy—bringing us along for the ride.

T+93: NASA Goddard and Restore-L

Main Engine Cut Off

Pat O. and I took a trip down to NASA Goddard to explore all that’s going on there. We talk a bit about our visit, what we saw and learned, and we talk with Brent Robertson, project manager of Restore-L, NASA’s satellite servicing mission.

ULA Signs Viasat-3 Launch Contract

Main Engine Cut Off

Viasat has booked launches on Ariane 5 and Falcon Heavy for Viasat-3, and has an option for an additional Falcon Heavy launch. They’re taking the spread-the-work-around path for their deployment, rather than the all-in approach that Iridium took with Iridium-NEXT.

Thanks to August Patrons

Main Engine Cut Off

Very special thanks to the 217 of you out there supporting Main Engine Cut Off on Patreon for the month of August. Your support keeps this blog and podcast going, and most importantly, it keeps it independent.