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Anthony Colangelo

I’m Anthony Colangelo.

I build websites and applications, write, podcast, speak, and take photos.

SpaceShipTwo Reaches Space

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I find Jonathan McDowell’s paper convincing, and I’ve always loved the X-15, so in the spirit of consistency, yes, SpaceShipTwo reached space today on its flight to 82.7 kilometers.

Boeing Cancels Global IP Satellite Order

Main Engine Cut Off

An update on this strange saga: Boeing backed out due to Global IP being behind on their payments. That’s almost certainly a half-truth at best, and it’s not a good look to say something to the effect of “We would have continued to take their money if they had any.”

Thanks to November Patrons

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Very special thanks to the 232 of you out there supporting Main Engine Cut Off on Patreon for the month of November. MECO is entirely listener- and reader-supported, so your support keeps this blog and podcast going, growing, and improving, and most importantly, it keeps it independent.