I’m Anthony Colangelo.

I live in Philadelphia, and I make a bunch of things that you might find interesting.

I build things.

I’m a bit of a generalist, so you can find me writing front- and back-end code on the web, or, more regularly, building apps within the Apple ecosystem.

Ryan Irelan and I founded Pine Works, where we design and build world-class apps, websites, and digital products with good ethics and strong opinions.

We’ve worked with clients small and large, local and international, on projects equally as diverse. We’ve designed and built iOS and Mac apps that have topped the charts in the App Store, and have been featured by Apple several times. One of our own apps, Downlink, has been installed over 100,000 times.

If you’ve got something that we can work on together, send us an email and say hello.

From early 2015 to late 2021, I was part of the small but mighty team at Big Cartel, where I worked on Big Cartel for iOS.

Before that, I spent 3 years at Happy Cog, where I built websites and applications for some amazing clients with just about every language, platform, and framework you can name.

Occasionally, I even futz around with microcontrollers and my 3D printer.

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I podcast.

I talk incessantly about spaceflight, engineering, exploration, policy, strategy, and more over at Main Engine Cut Off, and I do the same with my friend Jake Robins (with beers in hand) over at Off-Nominal. Sometimes we even talk to people like the head of NASA!

In another life, I talked with my friend Olivier Lacan a few times on The Multilogue.

One day, I will convince my friends Aura Seltzer and Patrick Marsceill to resurrect a true masterpiece, where we overanalyzed the overlooked: Quirks & Compulsions. It was gone much too soon.

Curious about my setup? Read this.

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I write…though not as much these days.

For a while, I wrote about the space industry frequently at Main Engine Cut Off. I’ve since refocused my efforts on the podcast.

From 2013–2015, I wrote regularly for A List Apart, and during my time at Happy Cog, I wrote a handful of posts over on Cognition.

Every so often, I write about life, technology, or whatever else is on my mind right here on this very website.

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I speak.

It’s been a little while, but I speak at conferences and meetups about technology, software development, and occasionally other topics.

If you’ve got an event where I’d be a good fit, please reach out! I’d love to join you.

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I take photos.

I take photos of places I travel and whatever else comes my way in life.

  • Corniglia
  • Delicate Arch and Everything Beyond
  • Launch Morning Silhouettes
  • Independence Hall
  • Five Moons

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The Megafeed™

If the collections above weren’t quite enough for you, check out the megafeed of everything I’ve been up to lately.

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