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Anthony Colangelo

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Handful of Europa Clipper Updates

Main Engine Cut Off

While the majority of this SpaceNews article by Jeff Foust is focused on Congressional wrestling over how much money Europa Clipper should receive, there are a few other tidbits of interest.

T+17: NextSTEP Habitat Prototypes, and the Zombie Centaur

Main Engine Cut Off

NASA selected six companies, as part of the NextSTEP program, to develop ground prototypes of deep space habitats, and the Centaur could live on as a wet workshop. Orbital ATK pushed OA-5 to late September. SpaceX landed yet another stage on the ASDS, and have up to 9 more launches planned for 2016.

Continuing Resolution Could Doom AR1

Main Engine Cut Off

One of the programs that could be affected is the one funding development of the AR1, BE-4, and ACES. Blue Origin isn’t going to stop their work on the BE-4, because that’s paramount to their own ambitions, but the AR1 work could be hit hard.