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Anthony Colangelo

I’m Anthony Colangelo.

I build websites and applications, write, podcast, speak, and take photos.

Blue Origin’s CEO

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Formerly of Honeywell, United Space Alliance, and The Aerospace Corporation, Smith has a ton of experience and a very interesting background to bring to Blue Origin.

T+60: New Glenn’s Fairing, OneWeb’s Factory

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Blue Origin announced a size increase to New Glenn’s fairing, and OneWeb has decided to keep their Toulouse factory open for other customers after their initial 10-satellite production run is over. Both decisions bring about some interesting implications for the market at large.

Ariane 6 Lands First Launch Contract

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Not quite what I would call an unexpected first customer for Ariane 6, but this at least gives us 3 launches to put on the calendar. The first launch has the surprisingly-specific date of July 16, 2020, with these two to follow shortly thereafter.

Introducing MECO Headlines

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I’ve added a new tier to the MECO Patreon: at $3 per month (or above!), you’ll get access to the weekly MECO Headlines podcast. Each Friday, I’ll be recording and publishing a show where I sit down, run through the headlines of the week’s space news, and discuss some of those smaller-yet-still-great stories.

Thanks to August Patrons

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Thanks to the supporters of Main Engine Cut Off for the month of August. If you’re getting some value out of what I do here and want to send a little value back to help support Main Engine Cut Off, head over to Patreon and donate as little as $1 a month—every little bit helps.

Falcon 9 Block 4

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Block 4 of the Falcon 9 is debuting with the launch of CRS-12, and Block 5 will debut on the uncrewed Dragon 2 demo mission.