I’m Anthony Colangelo.

I build and design websites and applications at Big Cartel and Dot First.

Formerly: Happy Cog.

Big Cartel for iOS

Big Cartel

Big Cartel for iOS 5.0

As part of the small-but-mighty team at Big Cartel, my work is focused on the iOS ecosystem.

Papa John’s

Happy Cog

I worked primarily as a front-end developer on this project, and was focused on building a flexible, modular system that could be implemented by the Papa John’s internal team to cover all of their needs across all of their markets. In addition, I spent a lot of time working directly with the team to improve their performance optimization workflow and increase the speed of experiences.

Annie E. Casey Foundation

Happy Cog

As the back-end developer on this project, I focused on the CMS-side of things. We built out a fresh ExpressionEngine instance to handle all of the Foundation’s content publishing needs. Strong search functionality was key to the success of the project, so we customized a Solr install, and integrated it with the ExpressionEngine environment.


An open-source jQuery plugin for creating and managing off-canvas content, like navigational menus. Grumble grumble hamburger icon, or something like that.

MTV O Music Awards 3

Happy Cog

As part of the development team for MTV’s third O Music Awards, I focused on systems behind the voting and social mechanics of the event. Over a 30-day voting period, our system handled more than 44 million votes.