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Anthony Colangelo

I’m Anthony Colangelo.

I host Main Engine Cut OffThe Multilogue, and Quirks and Compulsions.

T+87: Rocket Lab Launch Complex 2

Main Engine Cut Off

Rocket Lab announced that they’re in the final selection stage of their search for a US launch site. I break down the options they have, and discuss why I think they’ll pick Wallops Island.

T+86: Falcon Heavy Wins AFSPC-52

Main Engine Cut Off

Big news this week: SpaceX won an EELV contract for Falcon Heavy. I talk through what this means for the US launch market, how SpaceX and Falcon Heavy are set up to compete for the next few years.

T+85: Support and Criticism for the Lunar Gateway

Main Engine Cut Off

ESA has all but given its full support to the (newly renamed) Lunar Gateway, and Terry Virts threw some criticism its way during the third meeting of the National Space Council. I break down what those things mean for the future of Lunar Gateway, and discuss why I’m (gasp!) supportive of the program.

T+84: The End of NASA Exploration Exclusivity

Main Engine Cut Off

Last week, China opened up their future space station to other nations, and Blue Origin laid some hints about their lunar ambitions. Both of these stories are indicative of what I think the next era of exploration will look like, and it has interesting implications for NASA.

T+82: Jon Goff, Altius Space Machines

Main Engine Cut Off

Jon Goff of Altius Space Machines joins me to talk about how he got to where he is today and what’s ahead for Altius—including satellite servicing with Bulldog, propellant depots, cryo couplers, and wet labs.

T+81: Resource Prospector Cancellation

Main Engine Cut Off

Last week, we heard news that the Resource Prospector mission has been cancelled. I spend some time thinking through my initial reactions to the news, and speculate about what the path ahead may hold for lunar development.

T+80: DARPA Launch Challenge

Main Engine Cut Off

The DARPA Launch Challenge has been officially unveiled, so I spent some time breaking down the competition and speculating about who will enter and what DARPA wants out of it.