I’m Anthony Colangelo.

I host Main Engine Cut Off and Off-Nominal.

Formerly: Quirks & Compulsions and The Multilogue.

Episode 48 - The Abort Motor DLC


Jake and Anthony are joined by Dylan Taylor, Chairman & CEO of Voyager Space Holdings, founder of Space for Humanity, and commercial astronaut on Blue Origin’s New Shepard NS-19.

Episode T+206: Going Independent

Main Engine Cut Off

Last week I left my full-time gig at Big Cartel. I’m going independent to do more Main Engine Cut Off and Off-Nominal, and to make these space-focused projects the primary work that I do. I’m also going to be building some apps of my own, and doing a good bit of client work—which could include you! If you’ve got an app or a site or really anything digital to build, hit me up and let’s work together.

Episode 47 - The Birdy in French Guiana


Jake and Anthony are joined by Matthew Russell of the The Interplanetary Podcast to talk about the wackiest space news of the year and to crown the winners of the 2021 Off-Nominees.

Episode T+205: Phil McAlister, Director of Commercial Spaceflight at NASA

Main Engine Cut Off

Phil McAlister, Director of Commercial Spaceflight at NASA, joins me to talk about the history of and lessons learned from the Commercial Cargo and Crew programs, what things went well and not so well in those programs, the difficulty of changing NASA’s approach to human spaceflight, how to deal with varying levels of Congressional funding and buy-in, and how all of that feeds into the new Commercial LEO Destinations program.

Episode T+204: ISS Port Management (with Bill Spetch of NASA)

Main Engine Cut Off

Bill Spetch, Manager of the ISS Vehicle Office at NASA, joins me to discuss the operational considerations of docking and berthing ports on the International Space Station, the recent traffic jams we’ve seen on station, why certain vehicles and systems use one port over the other, how to fit large cargo through docking ports, and what the future of ISS port operations look like in the era of commercial space station expansion.

Episode 46 - Anti-Satellite Own Goal


Jake and Anthony are joined by Jonathan McDowell, an astronomer at the Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian to talk about Russia’s latest endangerment to the ISS—their anti-satellite operationthat resulted in a huge debris field—and about how Jonathan does all the excellent work he does tracking launches, satellites, and where everything in space is going.