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Anthony Colangelo

I’m Anthony Colangelo.

I host Main Engine Cut OffThe Multilogue, and Quirks and Compulsions.

T+63: Centaur V, BFR Updates

Main Engine Cut Off

Tory Bruno wrote an op-ed in SpaceNews regarding Vulcan and its future, and he announced that ULA will be upgrading Centaur. Elon Musk spent some time on reddit talking about BFR and updating us on some of the details.

T+60: New Glenn’s Fairing, OneWeb’s Factory

Main Engine Cut Off

Blue Origin announced a size increase to New Glenn’s fairing, and OneWeb has decided to keep their Toulouse factory open for other customers after their initial 10-satellite production run is over. Both decisions bring about some interesting implications for the market at large.

T+59: Jake Robins

Main Engine Cut Off

Jake Robins of the WeMartians Podcast joins me to discuss the state and future of the Mars exploration program, lean sample return, and more.

T+58: Totality

Main Engine Cut Off

I spent 2 minutes and 40 seconds in the shadow of the Moon in Gallatin, TN. Totality was an incredibly powerful experience, and I wanted to share what it was like to be there as best I could.

T+57: Caleb Henry

Main Engine Cut Off

Caleb Henry of SpaceNews joins me to discuss the slowdown in GEO satellite orders, the latest on the big LEO constellations, and what’s up with the sky falling.