I’m Anthony Colangelo.

I build, write, and take photos.

I design and build websites and applications.

I’m a developer at Happy Cog and an open source-lover on Github.

Happy Cog

I love semantic markup, well-structured JavaScript, normalized databases, and writing Objective-C function names that are longer than a tweet.

I use pretty much everything I can get my hands on: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Objective-C, and plenty more.

I've worked on things like jPanelMenu, the O Music Awards, the Happy Cog Way and a bunch of other Happy Cog ventures.

I write.

You can find me writing here, on A List Apart, and on Cognition.

Awkward Cousins

A List Apart

As an industry, we’re historically terrible at drawing lines between things, except when it comes to our roles. The old thinking of defined roles is certainly loosening up, but we still have a long way to go.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

A List Apart

You can’t be at the top of your game while stressed and nervous about the emergency, so unless there’s an obvious, quick-to-deploy resolution, you need to give yourself some cover to work.

The Most Dangerous Word In Software Development

A List Apart

“Just” implies that all of the thinking behind a feature or system has been done. Even worse, it implies that all of the decisions that will have to be made in the course of development have already been discovered—and that’s never the case.

More Posts

I speak.

I’ll be speaking at meetups and conferences.

The Buffet Approach

Peers Conference

Washington, DC

Choosing the right tool for the job sometimes means bringing along a whole toolbox. I’ll show how a complex back-end system was built with Craft, Laravel, Redis, and more, all working in harmony.

Template Organization in Craft

Craft CMS Summit


Craft’s Matrix is a game changer in the age-old battle between art-directed content and WYSIWYG editors. Matrix blocks, together with Twig’s template inheritance and multiple includes, provides us incredible power and flexibility within our templates.

JavaScript Design Patterns

Philadelphia JavaScript Developers

Philadelphia, PA

There are some simple JavaScript design patterns that developers of any level can start using to improve their code. These aren’t process-altering changes—just minor tweaks that make code more reusable, extensible, and understandable.