Demo Flight

In my last Art Grant update, I showed off some of the component tests I’ve been working on, and talked about the decision to use a Teensy++ 2.0 as the brains of the controller.

I figured I’d take what I’ve got and put it to use for a quick demo—a flight in X-Plane—as a full-up component test. So far, I’ve sourced the critical parts, designed their mounts, printed a full-size panel section, integrated the components with the Teensy board, and successfully controlled the software with the unit.

Next up is a finalized design for the complete controller. Once I’ve got that, I’ll slice it up into printable pieces, print and assemble them, install every switch, button, LED, joystick, and slider, and integrate them all with the Teensy board. I’m getting ever-closer to finishing this Art Grant.