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Anthony Colangelo

I’m Anthony Colangelo.

I’ve written 16,591 words for A List ApartCognition, and myself.


It Was Just A Thing

A List Apart

Some of the best and most useful things we build have humble beginnings. Small side projects start with a sapling of an idea—something that can be built in a weekend, but will make our work a little easier, our lives a little better.

Awkward Cousins

A List Apart

As an industry, we’re historically terrible at drawing lines between things, except when it comes to our roles. The old thinking of defined roles is certainly loosening up, but we still have a long way to go.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

A List Apart

You can’t be at the top of your game while stressed and nervous about the emergency, so unless there’s an obvious, quick-to-deploy resolution, you need to give yourself some cover to work.

The Most Dangerous Word In Software Development

A List Apart

“Just” implies that all of the thinking behind a feature or system has been done. Even worse, it implies that all of the decisions that will have to be made in the course of development have already been discovered—and that’s never the case.

Longform Content with Craft Matrix

A List Apart

There’s a constant tension between that type of longform, art-directed content and content management systems. New tools like Craft’s Matrix field give developers the control they need to achieve such beautiful layouts.

Apple and Responsive Design

A List Apart

Apple has always had a funny relationship with responsive design. At last week’s WWDC, they finished laying the foundation of responsive design within native applications.

On Styled Form Elements

A List Apart

Developers have a love/hate relationship with styled form elements. It’s fine when the interactions are simple, but what happenswhen things get a little more complex?

Meaning Over Complexity


Ideas don’t have to be complex to be meaningful. Sharing even the simplest idea can have a surprisingly profound impact on your readers and listeners.

Design Tools for Today’s Web

A List Apart

The web has always been fast-moving, and our tools need to keep up—but as we know, that doesn’t always happen. Sketch is a tool built for the modern web, and it’s changed my workflow dramatically.