I’m Anthony Colangelo.

I build, write, and take photos.


You can find me writing here, on A List Apart, and on Cognition.

Longform Content with Craft Matrix

A List Apart

There’s a constant tension between that type of longform, art-directed content and content management systems. New tools like Craft’s Matrix field give developers the control they need to achieve such beautiful layouts.

Apple and Responsive Design

A List Apart

Apple has always had a funny relationship with responsive design. At last week’s WWDC, they finished laying the foundation of responsive design within native applications.

On Styled Form Elements

A List Apart

Developers have a love/hate relationship with styled form elements. It’s fine when the interactions are simple, but what happens when things get a little more complex?

Meaning Over Complexity


Ideas don’t have to be complex to be meaningful. Sharing even the simplest idea can have a surprisingly profound impact on your readers and listeners.

Design Tools for Today’s Web

A List Apart

The web has always been fast-moving, and our tools need to keep up—but as we know, that doesn’t always happen. Sketch is a tool built for the modern web, and it’s changed my workflow dramatically.