I’m Anthony Colangelo.

I host Main Engine Cut Off and Off-Nominal.

Formerly: Quirks & Compulsions and The Multilogue.

Episode T+256: The Kuiper Logjam

Main Engine Cut Off

Amazon moved their Project Kuiper prototypes from Vulcan to Atlas V. Between that and some recent conversations I’ve had, I thought it would be a good time to check in on Kuiper and to see how they’re progressing towards deployment. I do some math, and it’s not good.

Episode 121 - Status: Future


Jake and Anthony are joined by Mark Panning from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and PI of the Farside Seismic Suite to talk about the Chandrayaan-3 and Luna-25 Moon landings and what we can look forward too from CLPS coming soon.

Episode 120 - Big Dumb Satellites


Jake and Anthony are joined by Karan Kunjur, Co-Founder of K2 Space, to talk about what they’re building, and what it means to build for a post-Starship future.

Episode 118 - Experienced Drunk Idiots


Anthony is joined by Jonathan Vaughters, Founder and CEO of EF Education-EasyPost, and Eric Berger, Senior Space Editor at Ars Technica, to talk about space and cycling, who knows in what amounts. Sorry, Jake.

Episode 117 - ⅃ L


Jake and Anthony are joined by Dr. Phil Metzger to talk about his research into launch and landing pad debris.