I’m Anthony Colangelo.

I host Main Engine Cut Off and Off-Nominal.

Formerly: Quirks & Compulsions and The Multilogue.

Episode T+125: Andrew Jones

Main Engine Cut Off

Andrew Jones returns to the show to update us on China’s various efforts. We talk Chang’e-4 and Yutu-2, the mysterious Long March 5 delay, and what the future of Chinese launch may look like.

Episode 20 - People Doin’ It, Right?


Chris Gebhardt of NASASpaceflight joins Jake and Anthony to talk about space media in modern pop culture, the way its made and received, and what stands the test of time. Upcoming meetup! Hang out with Jake and other fellow Anomalies in Kent, WA on June 29! Details at events.offnominal.space.

Episode T+123: The Noosphere of Influence

Main Engine Cut Off

NASA made a series of announcements about their ISS commercialization effort and the first Commercial Lunar Payload Services missions, and Firefly unveiled their Orbital Transfer Vehicle. And there’s a really interesting connection between all three stories.

Episode T+122: National Security SpaceX Lawsuit

Main Engine Cut Off

NSSL, LSA, OMG! Last week, SpaceX filed a lawsuit against the US Air Force over the Launch Service Agreement development contracts. We’re mere months away from bids being due for the National Security Space Launch Phase 2 launch contracts, so I figured now would be a good time to take a step back to explain what these programs are, why they matter, and why SpaceX is filing this lawsuit at this moment in time.

Episode T+119: Dr. John Charles

Main Engine Cut Off

Dr. John Charles spent nearly 33 years at NASA—most recently as Chief Scientist of the Human Research Program—working on human spaceflight through Shuttle, Mir, ISS, and beyond. He lead missions such as STS-95 (John Glenn’s Shuttle flight), STS-107, and the Twins Study with Scott and Mark Kelly. He retired from NASA in February 2018 and is now the Scientist in Resident at Space Center Houston. We talk about his career, the human spaceflight issues he worked and solved in his time at NASA, and the things that need to be solved for the exploration of the Moon, Mars, and beyond.