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Episode 37 - Go Behind Wendy’s


Jake and Anthony are joined by Tim Dodd, the Everyday Astronaut, to talk about Starship SN8’s epic flight test, Tim’s trip to Boca Chica, and to unveil the 2020 Off-Nominees and crown the winner.

Episode T+176: The Flight of Starship SN8

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Starship SN8 took flight last week on a mostly-successful mission to test its final descent phase. I share some thoughts on the test, the state of Starship development, and what that all means for the near future of Starship.

Astra, Relativity, and Firefly Win NASA Venture Class Launch Services Contracts

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These three launch providers will be of great interest to NASA if and when they get flying regularly. NASA would like to not only help provide payloads and incentive to get them flying, but to also have a foot in the door early to start understanding their work, their capabilities, and maybe a bit of what’s going on behind the scenes at these companies. Relatedly, I’m slightly concerned about what they’ll find at Firefly, because something seems to be up there.

Commercial Mars Communications

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This is such a no-brainer of a program for NASA, assuming they can get the money and approval for it from Congress. It would solve a massive need for NASA—a dwindling and soon-to-be-if-not-already-overloaded communications network at Mars—while also pushing the private industry to up its game and prove itself. If the program comes to fruition, I would mark this down as close to a must-win for SpaceX.

Talking Small Launch with Brendan Byrne

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I joined Brendan Byrne on his show Are We There Yet? for a few minutes to talk about everything going on in the small launch space these days. My chunk of the show follows an interview that Brendan did with Jay Skylus, founder of Aevum, who showed off their Ravn X mockup last week. Have a listen, and if you aren’t subscribed to Brendan’s show, then use this opportunity to fix that.

The Big Business Of Small Satellites

Are We There Yet?

A new company plans to launch small satellites from the belly of a drone. It joins the growing number of small launch companies popping up to send tiny payloads into space. So what’s the market for these small satellites?

We’ll dive into this growing industry first with Jay Skylus — he’s the CEO and founder of Aevum. His company has plans to launch small payloads on a rocket launched from the belly of an unmanned aerial vehicle. What does he see heading to space on his vehicle? And what will it take to get the Ravn X UAV off the ground?

Then, Aevum joins the growing market of small launch providers. We’ll take a look at the state of the industry with Anthony Colangelo — he hosts the commercial space-focused podcast Main Engine Cut Off about this bustling market and the future of the small satellite industry.

Episode T+175: Delays

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A lot of big, long-running projects have faced delays recently, and it seems like as good a time as any to check in and share some related thoughts. I cover a lot in this one: the Orion PDU issue, Ariane 6, Japan’s H3, Dream Chaser, Vulcan, and New Glenn.

Orion Facing Months-Long Delay After PDU Failure

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The failure is a loss of redundancy and not a total system failure, so they could decide to fly as is, but that is extremely not NASA, especially on such a high-profile mission like Artemis 1. The info Loren got is that there are a few ways to go about fixing the issue, but they all mean a months-long delay—between 4 and 9 months estimated—before Orion would be ready to meet SLS for flight.

NASA Selects Companies for Lunar Regolith Purchases

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Because this program is more about setting precedent than actually generating useful science, technology, or infrastructure, in some ways I feel like this announcement alone is good enough, especially with 10% of the contracted price changing hands today.

ISRO Signs Agreement with Agnikul

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Big news out of India. ISRO has signed the first agreement with a private company for access to facilities and expertise to help with development of their small launch vehicle, Agnibaan.